Dale Montrone – Director of Engineering and Manufacturing

Dale Montrone has over 30 years of technical and executive management experience in the telecommunications, computer and semiconductor industry. Dale started working with TRAN Semiconductor as a consultant in Feb 2014 and joined full time shortly after. Prior to joining TRAN, he started at TranSwitch in 1997 as the Director of worldwide VLSI development and in 2007 as Vice President of Technology. In 2011 he took on the role of Vice President of Operations and Telecom Engineering. Prior to TranSwitch, he was a key contributor to the establishment of Mentor Graphics’ intellectual property business unit (1993-1997) and managed the microprocessor design and development center. He joined Hewlett Packard (1989) managing the development of memory system integrated circuits for the 700 and 7200 series workstations. Prior venture funded startups included Kendall Square Research as manager and technical contributor for the KSR1 supercomputer VLSI development and Maze Technology. Mr. Montrone started his career in technical management positions at Raytheon’s Microelectronics Division establishing gate array platforms and memory compiler technology.

Mr. Montrone received his B.S. degree in electrical engineering from Syracuse University L.C. Smith College of Engineering in 1980.

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