Atlanta 2000™ LTE Gateway Reference Design 50-0280-0001

LTE Gateway Reference Design (50-0280-0001)


The Atlanta 2000TM LTE Gateway reference design is an innovative HW/SW platform that enables Fixed Mobile (FMC) broadband service using LTE and Advanced LTE technology. In partnership with best in breed FDD and TDD LTE chipset and module vendors, TranSwitch delivers a solution optimized for Residential and SOHO deployments using EPC/e-UTRAN Wireless Service Provider networks. The range of applications supported includes: VoLTE, Video, WiFi, Data, Security and Home Automation.

The Atlanta 2000TM Dual Core + DSP communications processor offers wire-speed Gigabit routing performance for small packets, with scalability of up to eight low-bit-rate narrowband and/or wideband channels. It also utilizes a flexible memory controller fabric that enables native QOS on all interfaces, and a CPU architecture that enables it to achieve a higher performance, while consuming less power for environmentally conscious consumers. Coupled with the “TranSwitch LTE Gateway™ Software” package supporting all the drivers, protocols and stacks necessary, this manufacturing-ready integration of hardware and software increases time-to-market and lowers the bill of materials for OEMs and ODMs.”

LTE Gateway Software Stack

TranSwitch IP Communications, Multicore Processor


LTE Gateway Board:

  • Manufacturing-ready PCB design with optimized BOM (Bill of Materials)
  • Integrated support for leading dual band and concurrent dual band 2×2 and 3×3 WiFi 802.11n solutions
  • Partnership with leading LTE chipset and module vendors – proven, tested LTE solution optimized for each region and deployment
  • Option to integrate both the LTE and WiFi antennas into the PCB to further reduce BOM
  • Optional interfaces to ISDN NT and TE (European) and DECT/CAT-iq daughter card modules

LTE Gateway Software:

  • Integration of Residential Gateway and Small PBX software suites with VoLTE IMS compliant, deployment-ready stack
  • Outstanding VOIP, Fax, ISDN and CAT-iq support – features, density, voice and fax quality
  • Certified OMA-DM and Broadband Forum TR-xxx Management and Provisioning stacks
  • Proprietary TranSwitch “TransMapper™” Software IP enabling end to end native LTE QOS experience for Triple Play service deployment
  • Dual stack IPv4/6, hardware based security and tunneling (IPSec/PPPT/L2TP/SSL)
  • Best-in-class performance Java Virtual Machine and OSGI for Home Automation Applications and Routing support over LTE
  • UPnP Certified, DLNA DMS and DMC support and NAS support through SAMBA

Atlanta 2000TM Chipset:

  • Integrated dual RISC cores: 400 MHz Tensilica Xtensa LX2 with MMU
  • Single or dual hardware encryption engines
  • Integrated VLIW architecture DSP, supporting up to eight channels of deep compression wideband or narrowband codecs or 16 channels of G.711
  • Comprehensive Wireline and Wireless Codec support
  • Two USB 2.0 dual mode (Host/Device) interfaces
  • Three Hardware Accelerated Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • High speed Memory Controller fabric with native QOS on all interfaces


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