EtherMap®-3 Pt TXC-04246

OC-3/STM-1 Ethernet Mapper for SONET/SDH Transport (TXC-04246)


The EtherMap®-3 Pt is an Ethernet-over-Sonet (EoS) device for full and half duplex mapping of Ethernet traffic into a wide variety of SONET/SDH transport systems at the OC-3/STM-1 rate. EtherMap®-3 Pt supports one Gigabit Ethernet port or eight 10/100 Ethernet ports to deliver a broad range of both SONET/SDH and Ethernet processing functionality. By incorporating several encapsulation protocols – GFP (Generic Framing Procedure), LAPS (Link Access Procedure for SDH), PPP/BCP and LAPF (Link Access Procedure Framed-mode) – along with Virtual Concatenation (VCAT)and LCAS (Link Capacity Adjustment Scheme), EtherMap®-3 Pt allows service providers to meet the increased demand for emerging private line Ethernet transport in the Metro access/edge environment. This device has reduced switch over delay for VCAT paths in fiber protection applications, as well as extremely low latency.

The EtherMap®-3 Pt in combination with TranSwitch’s PHAST® SONET/SDH terminators, VTXPTM VT/TU cross connects, and extensive family of mapper devices such as the TL3MTM and TEMx28, provides a complete end-to-end multi-service EoS system. EtherMap®-3 Pt has also been designed to work seamlessly with complementary Ethernet switching and PHY components from other vendors. EtherMap®-3 Pt enables cost-effective corporate Metro LAN interconnections over SONET/SDH by mapping Ethernet streams to create dynamic right-sized EoS links.

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TranSwitch IP Communications, Multicore Processor



TranSwitch IP Communications, Multicore Processor

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