EtherPHAST™-24 Platinum

Highly Integrated Ethernet, Packet and SAN Framer/Mapper for Dual OC-12/STM-4 (TXC-16745)


The EtherPHAST™-24 Platinum is an Ethernet-over-Sonet (EoS) device that maps GE, FE, Packets, DVB-ASI, ESCON and sub-rate Fibre Channel (up to 1Gbps) traffic into SONET/SDH frames. This all-in-one framer/mapper is used in EoS/SAN/Packet tributary cards with CWDM/MSPPs/ADMs, designs where tributary and network interfaces reside together on one board, for multi-service mapping of client signals to SONET/SDH backplanes, or where a SONET/SDH-to-packet backplane interface is required.

The EtherPHAST™-24 Pt client terminal interfaces can be configured as: 8B/10B SerDes for GE; up to 2 GMII Interfaces for GE; up to twenty-four SMII Interfaces for 100 Mbps FE; up to four TBI interfaces for 8B/10B encoded traffic for Escon, DVB-ASI or sub-rate Fibre Channel; a Multi-service Packet Interface (MPI) with 24 channels for PPP, IP or generic PDU data streams. EtherPHAST-24 supports Framed GFP, Transparent GFP, Transparent HDLC, LAPS (X.85 & X.86), and PPP/BCP mappings. Its SONET/SDH NNI interface can operate as a dual or independent OC-12/STM-4 interface.

EtherPHAST-24 Pt provides SONET/SDH, TOH/SOH, and high/low-order path termination and processing, non-blocking STS-1/VC-3 cross connect with payload alignment, VCAT, and LCAS. Four parallel add/drop telecom buses at OC-3/STM-1 or 2x OC-12/4x STM-4 enable client port expansion and rapid implementation of multi-service designs.

Application Diagram

TranSwitch IP Communications, Multicore Processor


  • Hardware: GE, Packet, DVB-ASI, FICON, ESCON, FE Clients
  • Hardware: Two Gigabit Ethernet and 24 Fast Ethernet MACs, 4 TBI
  • Hardware: Supports GFP (null and linear), GFP-T, LAPS, PPP and HDLC
  • Temperature Range: Industrial (-40ºC to +85ºC)
  • Power: 5.2 W (Max), 4 W (Nominal)
  • Package: 844-Pin SFCBGA (33mm x 33mm)
  • Other Features: JTAG Boundary Scan (IEEE 1149.1™)
  • Other Features: Intel/Motorola Compatible Message Mailbox
  • Microprocessor: Four Parallel Telecom Buses 19.44 MHz or 77.76 MHz
  • DataPath: SONET/SDH 2x 622 Mbps
  • DataPath: SONET/SDH 2x 622 Mbps
  • DataPath: Multi-service Packet Interface (MPI)
  • DataPath: Two Independent GMII, 24x SMII, 4 x TBI
  • Software: Host API and on-chip RISC-based Device Driver
  • Hardware: Non-blocking STS-1/VC-3 Cross Connect with Payload Alignment
  • Hardware: SONET/SDH, TOH/SOH, and HO/LO Path Overhead (POH) Termination and Processing
  • Hardware: SONET/SDH Backplane Framer, (2x STM-4 or two OC-12/2x STM-4)
  • Hardware: High-order Mapping, Cross Connect, CCAT, VCAT, LCAS



TranSwitch IP Communications, Multicore Processor

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