End of Life Management Services for IC’s


  • Has your company ever lost sales or prematurely ended production of a profitable product line due to an End of Life component?
  • Can your customers afford to wait while you embark on a costly redesign and requalification of a new system based on new hardware and software?
  • Has your company ever had to scrap or write-off excess inventory after placing a last time buy?

Our services are targeted to management at large OEM’s who are worried about the impact on the company following an end of life (EOL) notification from a key semiconductor supplier. The EOL process is potentially very costly to the company not only in terms of upfront cash outlays, but also marketing strategy, profitability, potential lost sales and quality.


The Paradigm and how TRAN can help.

Last Time Buys – Large cash outlay now for what could be years’ supply.

Unreliable Forecast – Buying too much results in scrap, too little means lost sales.

System Redesign – Costly and adds significant risk (hardware and software requalification).

Balance Sheet – Carrying inventory for a long time.

ProfitabilityWrite offs or missed sales.

IC Damage – Inconsistent storage environments, excess handling.

Quality – No recourse or warranty after final production run is complete and sitting in stock.


What TRAN Semiconductor can offer

Together we work toward establishing a three-way relationship between the System Supplier, Semiconductor Manufacturer, and TRAN Semiconductor to:

  • Find creative alternatives to Last Time Buys and End of Life Notifications
  • Continued Manufacturing of Mission Critical IC’s
  • TRAN can manage all Manufacturing and Supply Chain activities including:
    • Wafer Fabrication, Wafer Bump, Wafer Sort
    • Assembly, Final Test (ATE, Functional Bench Test, Burn in)
    • Bake, Dry Pack, Labeling
    • Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP)
    • Order Processing and Customer Service
    • Warehousing, Shipping, Logistics
    • Inventory Management


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