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TRAN Semiconductor Transforming Next-Generation Multimedia over IP

In February 2014, TRAN Semiconductor was formed with the very specific mission of providing critical support to TranSwitch and Centillium legacy customers with a stable supply of product and software.

After more than 25 years, successfully serving the highly complex and demanding Telecom market, TranSwitch Corporation ceased operations and filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy in November of 2013. Ken Marchetti, a former executive at TranSwitch, had served those TranSwitch’s customers for more than 13 years and recognized 2 important facts:


TranSwitch Systems Customers who had designed their IC’s and Software into their systems needed an alternative to carry on.

Having serviced every one of those customers for the past 13 years,and managing the complex manufacturing supply chain for all that time, Ken was in the very unique position to carry on the business without a delay.


Operations were quickly re-started, shipments to customers resumed, and things have been running steady ever since. In fact, many of the products previously classified as end of life by TranSwitch are now back in production and shipping to those customers as well.

Now, one year later, with the supply chain stabilized, TRAN Semiconductor is providing new solutions to new customers looking to leverage TranSwitch’s state of the art Data, Voice and Multi-Media products. With the proliferation of the IoT, and endless communications processing requirements, TRAN Semiconductor can now help customers find unique solutions utilizing TranSwitch’s and Centillium’s powerful Communications Processors-based solutions for IP Multimedia CPE.


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